Business Continuity is Key

Protect your Data and Ensure Survival after a Disaster


Data is backed up at your convenient time slots, automatically everyday, always


We support both online and offline backup options. We even support a hybrid of both options


Data integrity is checked from time to time to make sure your backup is valid, useful and up-to-date

Why Backup anyway?

It is imperative that your business continue operations after loss of data. Disaster Recovery is Key. Are you prepared for these?

Why Backup with us?

Castellum Systems | Reliable Backup Solution​

Our Cloud Backup service offers a simple, effective, and reliable method of backing up your servers to our Managed Cloud Server.

Just some of the features and benefits of our Cloud Backup Solutions.

Data Integrity and Protection

You data is protected on our secure cloud backup platform. Our certified staff and hardened processes ensure your data is protected.

Automatic Backup

Automatically backup SQL, Exchange, and other critical applications at set schedules.

Flexible Retention Policies

Backup all types of data and enterprise applications. Choose recovery points from 14 days to 6years.

Hybrid Backup Strategy

Backs up your data locally to a NAS – and also to to Our Cloud that are located offsite.

Let's talk about how our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies can help you.